About MedHealthTalk

MedHealthTalk provides insight into issues-current, political, social, and economical-that influence what people see, read, or experience-or in some cases don’t experience-in healthcare. The MedHealthTalk blog raises question and brings awareness to issues that influence the discipline and business of healthcare and the potential effects on patients, consumers, and healthcare workers alike.

About Me

I’m Maria Baptiste, a Critical and Primary Care Nurse Practitioner.
Since becoming a nurse practitioner in 2000, I’ve worked in primary care, cardiology, and cardiac surgery specialties. For the past 13 years, I’ve been the nurse practitioner for cardiothoracic surgery (heart and lung surgery) at University Hospital in Newark, New Jersey.
I became an NP to help patients in a different way than I could as a registered nurse.
Since nursing school I’ve been an emergency department nurse, a home intravenous therapist, and a nurse consultant, and since becoming an NP, in addition to clinical work, I’ve been an adjunct faculty member in several nursing programs: traditional and online; a reviewer for nursing journals and magazines, and for healthcare publishing companies; an author, editor ; and a presenter on healthcare topics to various communities and nursing programs. You can learn more about my career here.
In the course of a workday, I see things, experience situations, and hear discussions that receive little attention, but often affect patients, their families, my colleagues, and coworkers. I’ll share those experiences on MedHealthTalk as well as newsworthy issues and give you my insider’s view of why these topics are worth discussing.



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