Several years ago Matt Damon narrated a PBS program on the scarcity of clean running water around the world. The program focused on developing countries, countries with severe political turbulence and in some cases, countries or factions at war. While my recollection of the program isn’t the best, there is one statement I clearly remember. To paraphrase Damon, those who are in power are those who control the clean water supply. Damon wasn’t talking about any place in the United States, but now there’s Flint, Michigan.


Flint, MI, 70 miles from the Great Lakes, the world’s largest fresh water supply.


I’m not an expert on this topic. I should be better informed, but I find it disturbing and disgusting that in our country, lead-based water can be diverted to a city, to a community that is already troubled by economic strife, and that men, women, and children who depend on their local and state government will carry strong potential for future life-long illnesses because of mismanagement-failure to treat the water supply.

Flint could not have happened in Beverly Hills, Malibu, Short Hills, Aspen, Cupertino, San Francisco, Denver, or any other affluent American city ladened with wealth, and if it had, even for the briefest of time, the problem would have been corrected quickly and efficiently, but not in Flint.


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